Top Honeymoon Destinations to Relax After Your Asian Wedding


HawaiiAfter a hectic and chaotic Asian wedding, you need the perfect honeymoon to relax and regain your sanity. Every bride knows that her wedding day is supposed to be the best day of her life but it is also likely to be the most stressful day of her life. With so much going on it is hard to relax and enjoy your day properly. With having your makeup done early in the morning until you arrive at your new home at the end of the day, there is not one moment to pause and relax. This is why your honeymoon is so vital. It’s a time to reflect on your wedding day with your new groom and remember the embarrassing cousins at the wedding party and all the pranks that your bridal party organised. But what is the perfect honeymoon destination? It all depends on what kind of person you are. Are you someone who wants to lie on the beach all day or do you want a mini adventure with your partner?

One potential destination which is popular amongst newly weds is Hawaii. Hawaii provides couples with the chance to relax on the beach but also provides alternative adventures. There are six major islands to visit in Hawaii: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii’s Big Island. You’ll find each island has its own distinct personality and offers its own adventures, activities and sights. The locals are extremely friendly and make you feel at home. Hawaii provides you with privacy to enjoy each other’s company and begin your journey as a married couple. Another possible honeymoon destination for any new Asian married couple is a trip to Los Angeles. LA provides the city lifestyle as well as the beach experience. As one of the most popular cities in the world, there is never a dull moment in LA. You can enjoy the beach during the day and then live the Hollywood lifestyle during the night.

The world is full of locations to suit your needs.

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