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Asian Wedding Catering

Asian Wedding CateringFood is always the talk at any Asian wedding, so it’s a must to find a caterer you and your guests will be happy with. When looking for a caterer, make sure you visit different Indian restaurants and catering offices. It is imperative that you try and retry food. By re-tasting the food, you can ensure that you are obtaining the same standard and quality of food you first tasted. If things are too spicy or bland this is your opportunity to make these thoughts known. This is also your chance to state any specific dietary requirements. Take members of your bridal party along so you can get a second opinion.

When looking for an Asian food caterer, you may consider ordering your food as part of a package deal. Package deals are very popular in the Asian community as they eliminate a bulk of stress prior to the wedding. If you have decided to go for a package deal be sure to check what this includes; crockery, table centre pieces, waiters and drinks need to be considered. In regards to drinks, does your package only include soft drinks? If it does include alcoholic beverages is this only limited to beer? If the premises allows you may be able to bring your own spirits to the venue but the establishment may charge for corkage. As an alternative, devising a separate menu for children may be beneficial. This will reduce food wastage and ensure everyone is happy.

Whether you decide to go for a package deal or just the caterers remember to haggle to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your money. Any Asian loves a good bargain so try and get a price that suits you. To avoid disappointment certify that there is enough food for your guests. Nobody wants to go hungry at an Asian wedding. This will not only reflect upon your wedding, but the caterers too. It is important to look at reviews from other people. Within the Indian community word of mouth is usually the best method to get a review about your chosen caterers. Choosing a well established caterer also provides you with piece of mind.

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