How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep Before Your Wedding Day

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Chill Out Day

I know with asian weddings comes a week of celebrations and ceremonies but if you can keep the day before your wedding free – then do it! You’re most likely going to be up really early for hair and makeup and if your reception’s on the same day then you know your not sleeping till the AM! Party all week but you might just want to keep the day before free to have a chill out day. A late night will definitely effect the quality of your sleep.


You can be so prepared but sometimes things get forgotten about or a list just comes out of no where! If there’s still little jobs that need doing, make sure you DELEGATE! That’s what family and friends are for and I’m sure they would rather have you feeling calm and relaxed rather than running around doing last minute things. You’ll sleep a lot better knowing you’ve had a relaxed day where you haven’t had to deal with stress whilst knowing everything still got done.

Wedding Outfit

Make sure your wedding outfit has been steamed (obv delegate this to someone responsible), have your jewellery, shoes, bag and everything else laid out so there’s no running around on the wedding day trying to find things.

Food & Drink

Make sure you eat properly and drink plenty of water for that all important glowing skin. Eating good means you’ll have a better sleep!


Watch a movie, go for a walk or just have a lazy day by yourself or with your friends – whatever you prefer for winding down! Take a bath, put on a relaxation YouTube vid. These will all help to clear your mind and help get the best night’s sleep.

Have an early night

Get in bed at a decent time to get your beauty sleep in. You want to be well rested for the most important day of your life!

Candles & Essential Oils

Light some candles to help you relax or put a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow to help you sleep.

By completing all the above steps, you’re more likely to have a great night’s sleep!


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