How to organise your Ladies Sangeet

Ladies Sangeet

Ladies SangeetThe ladies sangeet represents the event prior to the wedding, accustomed to the rejoicing of women singing traditional Indian songs. The ladies sangeet is a ritual carried out separately by both parties of the wedding, but has recently merged into one event; this could be cost effective for both families. The ladies sangeet gives the opportunity for your bridal party to think of crazy ideas to make this event special.

When organising your sangeet it is essential to decide upon a venue. Traditionally the sangeet is held at home, but moving on from traditional Asian times and a bigger guest list the sangeet has been celebrated in a hall. When deciding on which venue is best for you, one must consider the amount of guests attending the function. When is the best time to hold a sangeet? The night before the wedding seems like a good time but reflect on its practicalities. This is not only tiring for you and your bridal party. You may also want to think about the alcohol consumption. You don’t want everyone at your wedding hung over! You may want to consider the week before the wedding; this allows you and your guests to recover.

Food is essential to any Asian party. Again considering the amount of guests you have, you may consider outside caterers. If your ladies sangeet is a small affair, homemade food may be best. This also allows you to stick to a budget. Music is also a priority. You may be able to get a hold of the same DJ you are having for your wedding. Most often, DJ’s will provide a package deal for both nights. This could work out in your favour.

Amongst all the singing and dancing, you could take this opportunity to make this a combined mendhi night. This is again cost effective. You can arrange a mendhi artist for both you and your guests. It is best to shop around for prices. If your event is on the larger side you may wish to employ numerous artists to ensure everyone gets a turn. Another factor you need to consider is how many people would want their makeup done from your artist. Is it better to hire numerous artists for your bridal party.

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