Top Tips For Calming Wedding Day Nerves

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It’s nearly your big day and your bound to be feeling all kinds of emotions and feeling nervous is completely normal too! Everyone’s different – some people feel nervous leading up to their wedding day but can surprise themselves by feeling completely excited and happy on the actual day. If you’re feeling nervous leading up to your wedding and on the day, we’ve made a list of things that can help ease those nerves.

Check List

With Indian weddings there are always so many things you need to remember to do or take to wedding ceremonies. Make sure a check list has been made and leave someone in charge of making sure everything on the list is completed.


If there are still the odd jobs left to do (and believe me there will be), rather than taking on the stress yourself simply delegate to others. Family, friends and bridesmaids are all there to help your day be as smooth as possible. The more people to help, the quicker things can get done.

Tell Someone

If you are feeling anxious or nervous tell someone – maybe a friend or family member you feel close to. Sometimes hearing advice from someone you trust can help or they’ll know if they need to crack a really rubbish joke in hope for you to forget about the stress and laugh!


Any sort of exercise helps to calm nerves whether you go for a run, swim or even a brisk walk. Anything that increases the heartbeat can have a huge impact to how you feel overall.


Take 10-30 minutes in the day to meditate. You can even listen to a guided YouTube meditation video to help relax. Make sure you won’t be distracted and get yourself comfortable. Meditation can help relax your mind and fight feelings of being overwhelmed.

Relax Alone

With Asian weddings especially, seeing your family and friends fuss over you everyday can get a bit much. Sometimes you just want your own space rather than being surrounded by loads of people. In this case tell your parents, siblings or friends to make sure no one disturbs you or comes into your room. This is the perfect time to take a nap, listen to music or even watch a movie.

Herbal Tea

Make yourself a herbal tea and have this a couple times a day leading to your wedding. Chamomile tea is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Peppermint tea is also good to drink before bed to help calm any nerves.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are known to help with stress and anxiety. Lavender essential oil is known as one of the most relaxing oils and has been proven to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Apply lavender oil to your temples and wrist before going to bed.

Rose essential oil is also good for calming emotions, balancing hormones and helping headaches. Rose is known to strengthen the heart in periods of stress, grief and depression.


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