Things to not forget when planning a wedding

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Planning weddings can be exciting but stressful! There’s the usual things you need to plan for such as finding venues, caterers, etc. but there can always be smaller things that you should have planned for that can often be forgotten about or ignored completely.

Make an itinerary for the wedding day

  • Know what time you need to be ready by and what time you will be leaving your house. Also note the latest possible time you can leave just in case you get delayed.
  • Know the starting times of the ceremony and the latest you can leave the venue especially if your reception party is on the same day and even more importantly if you’re planning to have an outfit/hair/makeup change.
  • Make sure you discuss with your DJ and caterers the time you will be entering for your reception so your guests are already seated.
  • Also discuss with your caterers the time you would like starters, main course and dessert to be served.

Appoint a family member to be in charge

If you have a wedding planner this might not be needed for your ceremony or reception but it is always a good idea to appoint a family member to be in charge (not your mum or dad – they should be stress free too) and let all vendors know who this person is and their contact number. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be hassled by vendors disturbing you and asking questions. At the end of the day you want the day to be your fairy tale moment and a trustworthy family member can deal with any questions or issues that arise without you even knowing!

Accommodating for extra guests

So you’ve made your seating plan after many stressful attempts and some people still have the nerve to show up on your big day even though they didn’t RSVP! Are you going to let them in?

You might decide to have an extra table laid out just in case more people do come along. However, if everyone has sent their RSVPs back to you then this might not be needed. Just note that most caterers will charge per head and will include that extra table as well even if no one sits there. This also goes for people who said they were coming but couldn’t make it on the day.

Pack an overnight bag

Whether your the bride or groom you might be having an outfit change or staying the night at a hotel. With the craziness of the wedding day make sure you don’t forget to pack an overnight bag.

Security for your home

With Asian weddings there’s usually a week’s worth of celebrations before the wedding and anyone who drives past your house will know about it. They may even know when the wedding day will be and therefore know when the house will be empty. It might be a good idea to hire a security company to stay outside your home to keep an eye on it. It’s unfortunate to have to consider this but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

It’s always good to consider the above points when planning your wedding and I’m sure your big day will be completely magical!


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