How to Keep Calm on Your Big Day?


When planning the biggest day of your life and the lead up to the occasion, you can come under a huge amount of pressure and stress. This can lead to a lack of sleep and bags under your eyes on the big day. No bride wants this to be the case, so how can you prevent this from happening?

A simple method is to practice deep breathing. Even though it sounds simple, deep breathing allows the body in addition to the mind to relax and become in sync with one another. So you can put all your thoughts together and solve any last minute problems which can arise. The technique of relaxation breathing is used in both yoga and forms of martial arts. Here is a detailed guide of how to practice relaxation breathing;

• First, you must lie on your back in a quiet area
• Start by inhaling slowly through your nose. Begin to fill the lower part of your chest with air first and then move up gradually to the middle parts of your chest and lungs. This must be a slow process and should take roughly 10 seconds.
• Hold the air within your lungs for a couple of seconds.
• Then relax and easily let the air out again through your nose. This should also be a slow process so you can fully relax and not feel any pressure during the breathing exercise.
• Keep repeating this sequence until you feel fully relaxed and stress free.
• During the process you can also use your imagination to increase the feeling of pure relaxation. For example Imagine yourself to be in a peaceful sanctuary surrounded by your favourite things.

Remember this breathing exercise has already been tried and tested by many celebrities and more importantly has been around for centuries as part of a yoga exercise.

This breathing technique is one of many relaxation processes which you could use. During the coming weeks we will look at other simple techniques which will help you stay stress free on your big day.

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