6 Steps to Help Choose your Wedding Caterer

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Once you’ve set your date and booked your venue, caterers are the next most important thing to decide on. We have listed some tips below on how to choose the perfect one!

Pick a cuisine

Depending on your wedding you will need to decide on a cuisine. Whether you’re doing Punjabi, Gujarati, English etc. you will need to research which caterers provide these cuisines.

Speak to your venue manager

The event’s manager at your chosen venue might be able to suggest particular caterers. They may only allow their own chefs to prepare the food in which case you cannot bring an external caterer. There might be an approved list of external caterers that your venue allow on site. In this case it is always best to find out what caterers can be used before deciding on your venue especially if you already have a particular caterer or cuisine that your venue does not provide.

Ask around for quotes

Like with all vendors you should research and pick a few caterers to contact for quotes. If some are out of your budget you can cross them off your list and enquire further with the others by arranging a meeting.

Meet the caterers

When you meet with the selected caterers you should ask the following questions:

  1. How many dishes can we choose for starters, mains, desserts?
  2. Are canapés included?
  3. Are soft drinks included?
  4. Price per head?
  5. A menu to choose from
  6. Is crockery, cutlery, linen included?
  7. How many waiters will there be for your number of guests?

These are the initial questions to ask.

Food Tasting

Only some caterers allow you to try their food before making your decision. Other caterers will prepare a food tasting menu once you have confirmed your booking. If the caterers have a restaurant it might be a good idea to try their food beforehand.

Make your decision

And finally, make your decision!

Once this has been done you can discuss the following:

  1. Food tasting your chosen menu and giving feedback
  2. Confirm the number of people attending
  3. Confirm your dishes
  4. Decide what time each course will be served

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