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“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “The training was absolutely amazing, it was beyond my expectations. Anu is a really good teacher. Both Anu and Jasmine were very supportive and gave great advice on the hair and makeup as well as how we could go away and start up our careers as makeup artists. This course is definitely worth it!”
Najrin Rahman

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“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “What an amazing 5 days I have had! I came with no hair and makeup experience and I am learning so much! I heard about this course 2 years ago when Anu did my bridal and after seeing her work I definitely knew I wanted to do the course. Hair and makeup has always been of interest to me, but I lacked the confidence. I’ve enjoyed every single bit of the course but mainly the help, support and positivity from the Anu Malhi team. I can definitely leave here with great knowledge & experience and one day I hope to do this long term. Thank you for a great experience!”
Sonia Devi

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “This training has been a wonderful experience for me. It has given me the skills and tricks and most importantly the confidence to venture out. Anu has been extremely helpful in teaching us tricks of the trade. She has taken time and effort to go through all styles and made sure all of us were comfortable at makeup and hair do’s which we were taught. To me personally a lot of people do have the knowledge, but Anu has definitely got the right approach and attitude. Her soft and approachable nature has made this journey even more enjoyable.

I have absolutely benefited from this course and admire Anu for her generosity. And thank you so much Kiran xxx”
Sadaf Afroz

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “Meeting Anu and the rest of the girls! I really enjoyed the chilled environment and didn’t feel uncomfortable being myself or asking questions. Makeup techniques / hairstyles is what I came here to learn, but after meeting Anu and the rest of the team she has inspired me to be much more and has provided us with the knowledge and tools to follow our dreams. The training sessions have definitely been beneficial and the skills learnt will come in use forever!!”
Manisha Patel

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I really enjoyed the fact that Anu and Kiran came to check our makeup progress and would give help & advice on how to make the look better. I really liked that it was a small class so the attention was even. Will takeaway the great tips that were shown throughout the course and also the great advice which will help in my career. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed learning about the little tips & tricks when it comes to eyeshadow application, these will be very handy when I do my own career. I enjoyed the fact we got to see & practice different types of hairstyles and I’m glad we had a whole day dedicated to do that. The course was planned out perfectly interns of demonstration, practical, theory etc.”
Sonia Doal

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed learning about different styles of hair and how they can all be adapted to each other. The main things I will take away are the hair techniques and base application & colour correction. I feel that this training academy was beneficial.”

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I came to the course wanting to be more confident about hair and makeup application. This training has definitely benefited my new found skill set. I most enjoyed meeting Anu, her team and everyone on the course – such a talented group of gals. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work alongside and learn from everyone. Thank you

p.s. Venue was delightful. Love the setting, décor and the fab lunches – such a treat!”
Neha Pandey

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “Overall I think the training was amazing, the amount I learnt within 5 days was brilliant & I gained confidence in doing hair and makeup. I think we were taught good little tips that make application easier and the help during practical was brilliant and teaching was excellent. Easy to follow step by step, I heard about the course through word of mouth & I will be recommending it too. There is so much I will be taking away that to pin point a few is too hard.

I started this course not knowing anything and within a couple of days I felt like a professional.

I have taken away so much knowledge. Thank you so much for helping me on route to a career of my passion.”
Sharan Kaur

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed everything! I learnt how to do contouring and highlighting without it looking fake. I heard about Anu Malhi Training Academy and after researching the company, it looked amazing. These training sessions have been the best, they have benefited me so much, I knew very little about applying makeup at the beginning and now I can create a full bridal makeup. I hope to be as good as Anu one day, you’re an amazing artist and person. Thank you for making this such an amazing experience and welcoming me on the course. I didn’t have confidence in applying makeup on others because I thought I didn’t have the ability but you made me realise that I do. I thank you all so much you are amazing and give off so much positive vibes. You have made me feel so good about myself, I wish the week didn’t go so fast!”
Shaheen Anwary

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Rhianna inc Logo“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I overall enjoyed the training. I think Anu Malhi is very very professional. She has the right attitude in teaching, very humble with students and very approachable. If only all teachers were like her, genuine, it would inspire more girls to be as good as her (good human being). It is the first ingredient of success. The team have a very pleasant personality and were very helpful. I wish I was 21 and could sit in her training courses 24/7!”
Daksha Jagdish Ghelani

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “a very friendly team to work with and very supportive with advice and demonstrations. I enjoyed getting my hands on the right tools to create bridal/reception looks. The training sessions has hugely benefited me. I have learnt so much about hair and makeup for myself and I don’t think I would have learnt so much in 5 days through other channels. Thank you so much Anu and Team for all of your support.  I wish your team all the very best in continuing to grow bigger and better!”
Kirandeep Kaur Bains

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the amount of practical work that the course involved, it meant that I was able to practice hands on instead of just reading instructions from booklets. I chose this academy because of the quality of the work that has previously been produced. The main things i will take away from this course is the techniques of shadow application and hairstyles. All the things I have learnt have definitely equipped me to start my freelance MUA career.”
Sakina Siddiq

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the hair and have more confidence. It is nice to know that I can contact Anu for any further questions I may have in the future.”
Sohini Shikotra

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I most enjoyed the bridal demo and practical’s. The main thing I will take from this course is the blending techniques. These training sessions have benefited me by getting practice to perfect my techniques and getting opinions.”

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I most enjoyed how to apply makeup correctly, contouring and blending eye shadows. I feel that the sessions have benefited me and will help me in the future with the skills I have learnt.”
Indi Seehra

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I most enjoyed learning different hair styles and the different techniques on how to apply eye shadow, and different shades of foundation. I have learnt so much and found the training course very useful.”
Harjit Kaur

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the practical sessions and experimenting with different hairstyles. This course has been really beneficial. The main thing I will take from this course is being able to do new hairstyles and the capability of creating and amazing look!”
Mahera Pinjara

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I loved being on the course! I feel I have learnt a lot on the different techniques on eyeshadow applications and contour/highlighting, marketing and also how to run my business. I will continue to practice and hopefully one day run my own course!”
Sonia Khan

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “Loved how hands on practical the training was, which is what made me choose this academy, and also that it is accredited. The makeup skills and hair advanced my skills further. The course was really helpful, lots of tips & tricks, I would love to come back for a refresher course.”
Mahreen Iqbal

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I really enjoyed the practical sessions. All the team members are friendly. The pictures and comments on the website made me choose this academy and I feel very happy that I did!”
Anusutha Uthayakumaran

Hair and Makeup Artistry 4a“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed all the practical sessions, especially the makeup. The course was good value for money and have benefited me a lot and will do in the future.”
Roshni Shah

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the practical side of everything, but most enjoyed day 3 and learnt how the “difficult looking hairstyles” are not difficult to do. I feel that the sessions have benefited me in terms of application. I will take away all the experience of blending and contouring correctly!”
Minisha Samrai Bungar

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed learning how to do different hairstyles. I researched loads of different training academies and decided on this one because it was the one that best suited my needs. I feel that this is the first major step for me to make this into a career.”
Jaspreet Kaur

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the practical demos because you see how the makeup is applied and also which brushes to use for each application. I liked the theory because you learn about the different aspects of the industry but also in depth learning of the hair and makeup application. I now have more confidence in hair and makeup. I think that this course is the beginning into hair and makeup and with lots of practice and determination, I will now be able to apply hair and makeup on clients.”
Zeenal Joshi

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the practicals as i learnt different techniques and ways to blend colours. I don’t feel anything can be done better as i felt that everything was covered that i wanted to learn.”
Jag Kaur

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“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “i enjoyed how most of the classes were practical. They were very beneficial and have given me the starting point to expand on my skills and techniques.”
Daya Kaur

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed all the new techniques learnt. It has benefited me and I’m sure it will benefit me in the future.”
Sukhbir Hunjan

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the application of eye makeup and hairstyles. I feel the training was very beneficial and has given me the confidence to apply it on others.”
Suky Mattu

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed the practical aspects about the training, it bought a fun element into the course. I have a lot to take away with me from this course, such as tips and knowledge in makeup and hairstyle application techniques.”
Bimla Devi

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “Anu’s work is amazing, i always trust my hair and makeup application in her hands. I really enjoyed my course on her training academy.”
Syqa Baig

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “The most enjoyable practical training! It was an amazing experience and i will definitely take away more skills and knowledge from this. It’s a different style academy to what other schools teach and I had such a brilliant time!”
Veronica (from Europe)

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I felt that Anu and her team were very supportive throughout the course. They gave us full guidance and tips as to how to achieve the look we wanted. I learnt various tricks and tips on how to achieve various hairstyles and makeup looks.”
Aman Dhesi

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “Anu was present throughout the training and was very approachable if we had any questions. I think the training provided was of a very high standard.”

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I really enjoyed the step by step applications of makeup and hairstyles, using so many different styles and pieces. It’s a great course and I’m so happy to have received training from Anu.”

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I simply loved every minute of my training. Anu and Team were awesome. They are very knowledgeable and patient. It’s an amazing what one can do with so many colours and hair!”
Navjot Brar (from USA)

Pic8 Full“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “it has been an amazing experience! I loved the attention to detail on the practicals. It has been an enjoyable atmosphere, with very helpful tips and help given when needed.”
Qura Saed

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I have really enjoyed the course and will definitely recommend it to others. I chose this academy through Anu Malhi’s reputation and work for her clients. I believe if you are going to learn something, learn from the best! I’m glad i have!”

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “Everyone made us feel so welcome! The course is very well designed and cannot think of any improvements! The sessions have been very beneficial and would definitely recommend to others!”
Kavita Purohit

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “i enjoyed everything about this course. Makeup has been a passion of mine and I now feel more confident I can take it to the next level. I appreciated the very warm welcome from Anu and her team and feel it has fulfilled my expectations and more.”

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “I enjoyed doing the bridal makeup as I’ve never done anything like this before! I feel more confident about going into the makeup business now. I don’t think the course could be any better!”
Raveena Kumari

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “The whole experience was really good. I feel I have struggled to grasp some things affecting my confidence but Anu did not once make me feel that I cannot do this. The course covers everything and provides the best training and care. All students are made to feel that they belong and made comfortable.”
Khadija Khanbhai

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “i have learnt a lot from this course and will be taking away a lot of useful tips. This course has given me the confidence and knowledge to pursue my dream career. It was a nice, relaxing environment that made the learning and working experience more enjoyable.”
Baljit Kaur Shokar

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” – “The whole experience has been amazing, every single minute from day 1 has been fantastic. I feel a lot more confident. I will certainly take away so much from this course.”
Kam Dhillon-Jandu

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I’m so glad I’ve chosen the Anu Malhi Training Academy its been a pleasure learning from an outstanding Hair and Makeup Artist & Teacher. I feel so much more confident, everything was taught step by step, Anu taught me to chase my dreams and helped boost my confidence. Anu and Jasmine were so patient and this helped me feel more at ease whilst learning. I couldn’t have chosen a better training academy, thank you.”
Gurpreet Kaur

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “The skills and techniques learnt will benefit me for life! I really enjoyed the hands on practical sessions, there was a lot of support available at all times and patience during the practicals. It was a lot of fun and enjoyable and yet very professional.”
Kiran Bilku

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “This whole course has made me 100% more confident and has taught me so many hints & tips. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and will definitely be recommending this course to my friends & family. The whole experience has been amazing and useful and has exceeded my expectations, thank you!”
Raman Johal

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I have learnt so much, including techniques to correct makeup, use correct colour foundation, contour correctly, new hairstyling techniques, use of hair pieces / padding.”
Sandeep Ghattoara

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “There are so many things I will take from the course, in particular being more confident. This training course has been of great benefit to me!”
Pam Thumber

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I enjoyed every bit of the course, the practical and theory. This course has definitely benefited me and I am more confident on progressing and living my dream. Overall – Anu, Jasmine and Gurpreet have been AMAZING! Thank you for all your help guys I wouldn’t be able to do this without you.”
Inderpreet Johal

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“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I really enjoyed the course, it’s very informative and Anu is an excellent teacher. I gained a lot of confidence in my hair and makeup skills. I feel like I’m now ready to go out into the hair and makeup industry now.”
Kajal Patel

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I loved that it was a lot more practical based, rather than sitting there listening to long lectures. The atmosphere and teaching methods are great. Really has given me more confidence that I am able to do it professionally. I loved the sizes of the classes. Overall, Anu’s teaching skills and patience were fab. Anu and Jasmine make a great team and helped at every step. Keep up the great work girls.”
Jess Atwal

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “Anu Malhi Training course has inspired me to do hair and makeup and I will continue to achieve my dreams.”
Aysha Sultana

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I really enjoyed the way Anu works she’s very friendly and easy to get on with, which made me feel comfortable and confident. Every tip she went through was amazing and I will take that way with me. I loved the course so much, it was good. I really enjoyed it. Thank you Anu and Team”
Salma Sultana

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I enjoyed learning everything, found the whole aspect of learning the course very interesting. I will take everything away and improve on what Anu and Jasmine have taught me. I am very glad I have chosen The Anu Malhi Training Academy. I will always be grateful.”
Dil Sanghera

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “Anu and Jasmine are extremely patient and felt comfortable in approaching them.  Nice to know we can contact Anu after we have finished the course. Overall I’ve had a really fun week and loved every minute. I would definitely recommend the course.”
Naina Kumari

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I think the course has benefited me lots and I found the book and look sheets very helpful. I will definitely be using them over and over again. Thank you for all your help.”
Aleema Khanom

“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I feel like these sessions have helped me really well to improve, gain techniques and also the team try very hard to help you gain your confidence.”
Baldeep Kaur

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“Overall Academy Rating: 5/5” — “I have learned and acknowledged so much that I couldn’t have imagined. I will keep on learning as I know there is so much that you can learn. Thank you Anu you started my journey as an MUA.”
Sarbie Dhaliwal


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