Planning your wedding on a budget

Asian Wedding on a Budget

Asian Wedding on a BudgetPlanning weddings aren’t easy, especially on a budget. We all aspire for the finer things in life, for something out of the ordinary, but in reality it all amounts to money. Organising an affordable wedding doesn’t mean your special day will be less memorable or enjoyable, it’s being smart! Try to get the best deal by shopping around. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of haggling – it’s in our Asian blood.

When planning for your wedding, it is important that you have a realistic budget in mind. Being the bride you want to have that one truly memorable day. You want to hire the dream venue, the best makeup artist, the best Indian caterers and the best musical artists. But this all amounts to serious money.

Firstly, you and your partner need to decide on what type of wedding you want. How big or small do you want your wedding to be? It is a good idea to draw up a guest list before you make any decisions. This could affect the decision you make as you need to consult the capacity your location can hold. You also need to settle on if your wedding will be an intimate western affair or a full on Asian extravaganza. You may also decide to downscale pre wedding events to budget effectively. It is also essential that you consider all factors that will contribute to your wedding day; flowers, photography and outfits. Remember set a budget you can afford and that you are most likely going to stick to! The wedding of your dreams is still achievable, just plan ahead! The bridal party will just have to play a helping hand so you don’t get too stressed.

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