Our Favourite Indian Bridal Up-do’s

indian up-do's

So you’ve planned everything but still confused about your hair! Look no further…we’ve got you covered!

There are two types of brides – one who knows exactly what she wants and the other has a camera roll full of completely different looks with no idea! There are quite a few things to consider when choosing the perfect look so here’s a list of what we think will help you make your final decision.

1. Dupatta. Will you be wearing a dupatta on your head? This is usually required for some religious ceremonies and it’s important to have your dupatta with you especially when doing a trial or considering various hairstyles. If the dupatta is quite heavy, your hair stylist will have to consider extra hair padding to make sure the dupatta doesn’t compress the hair down too much. Usually, a bun is the go-to look whenever a bride is wearing her dupatta on her head.

2. Hair Jewellery. Are you thinking of wearing a tikka or other jewellery pieces in your hair? Your parting will depend on where these jewellery pieces are going to be placed, especially if you have a dupatta on your head too.

3. Face Shape. It’s a good idea to see what kind of hair style suits your face shape best. Before having a trial with your hair stylist or confirming your hair style choice, you can have a play around yourself. If you want an up-do, you can tie your hair in a low bun or pony and see how you like it. Then do the same but tying your hair in a mid pony/bun and then a high pony/bun. Have a think about what you prefer and your hair stylist will be able to suggest various up-do’s based on what kind of bun you want.

Low Bun – If you want a simple yet elegant look, a low bun is perfect especially for registry weddings.

Mid Bun – This is a popular option as a mid or high bun is great if you have a dupatta on your head. Mid buns look beautiful if your going for fresh flowers in your hair too.

High Bun – A high bun is great for that ‘face-lift’ effect and is perfect if your having a dupatta on your head too.

Here are some more of our fave hairstyles

All looks are created by Anu Malhi and the Anu Malhi team or students from the Anu Malhi Hair & Makeup Academy.


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