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As you can see from my YouTube video I don’t have the best complexion and have light and dark tones. Recently my skin started to peel and flake around my cheeks down to my jaw line and it became very dry, flakey and irritated causing it to go much lighter in that area, and for us girls we start to panic & stress out which doesn’t help!!  I started using this wonderful product from Tamaar London as I wanted something to help this issue and the pigmentation caused.

Pigmentation, Colour & Skin Texture

This product has helped dramatically! It’s improved the colour and texture of my skin. I’m in love with this product! I have only been using it for 3 weeks and friends and family have noticed the difference, which makes me so happy 😊

Tamaar Skin generally say it takes up to 4 weeks to begin noticing any difference.

Natural Ingredients

Tamaar use natural ingredients in their products that have been clinically tested by pharmacists. Some key ingredients include turmeric root extract, tamarind seed extract, rosehip seed oil, kefir milk probiotics, holy basil and many other wonderful ingredients. I personally prefer using natural products as my skin is quite sensitive and therefore I’m always wary of other products I use.

Product Texture

This cream is really light weight so sits really well under makeup. Watch the best way to apply your makeup once you’ve used this product. It’s not thick and oily which is it great as it soaks straight into the skin and starts working it’s magic!

Wrinkles, Eczema, Redness, Oily & Blemished Skin, Hyper-pigmentation & Dark Spots

Tamaar have products to help all of these conditions so give them a go as they offer a 60 day guarantee satisfaction too!


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