How To Make Your Guests RSVP

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Getting married is stressful enough and just when you begin to relax as another thing gets ticked off the list, you realise another list has appeared out of nowhere!

So you’ve just sent you’re invites out and are eagerly waiting for replies! Here are some tips you should think about when trying to get all your guests to RSVP.

Designing your invitation

When designing your invitation make sure it’s clear that RSVPs are needed and the date they are needed by. You can even put the date in bold to stand out.

  • You can also include an envelope that has your pre-written address and a stamp ready to post back to you.
  • Have more than one method to RSVP by such as an email address, phone number or website.
  • Make sure the deadline date gives people enough time to reply but also gives you enough time to chase up after.


Giving out invitations

Depending on how you are giving out your invitations, you might be able to get a family’s response straight away if you’re hand delivering. You can simply ask them to check if they’re free that day and to give you the numbers of people attending. Usually this will be close family and friends but it still helps!

Delegate to parents

Now that the deadline date has passed, your parents or a close family member are the best people to chase up RSVPs as they know all the families. Simply say how it would be great to know if they can attend and how you need an answer ASAP as the caterers and other suppliers need to know etc. If they can’t tell you there and then, set another deadline for them.

No replies after chasing

Time has now passed and you’ve chased people but you’re still missing some responses.

You have two options now:

  1. They haven’t responded so assume they’re not coming and do not allocate them a seat.
  2. They haven’t responded but just in case allocate one table for guests that turn up on the day.

If you go for option two and are brave enough you could even use the below as their name card LOL!


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